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GadgetyNews was set up to demystify the world of gadgets and high tech toys. I have always enjoyed keeping up-to-date with the latest Hi-Fis, TVs, computers, toys and gadgets but would spend most of my time with a tech site open in one browser, and another window open so I could search what the various acronyms and initials stood for - and to figure out why they're worth an extra £500. Low jargon, high tech has been the site's mantra since it started 9 years ago. GadgetyNews continues to go from strength to strength thanks to new links with manufacturers and public relations companies happening almost weekly now.

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I regularly attend shows, presentations and unveilings in person and the site is updated daily (more often than not) - all this whilst holding down a full-time job and a side-line as a musician (well, bass player). I also partner with Tech Addicts UK on their weekly podcast, as well the Hifi Pig Extra and GadgetyNews monthly e-zine and show specials. I have managed to keep this up over 9 years now and I am looking forward to celebrating 10 years of GadgetyNews in October 2017. If that doesn't show commitment and my love for all things gadgety, I am not sure what does.