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Fuse is a public health research centre of excellence bringing together the five universities in north-east England. The blog was launched to improve understanding and awareness of Fuse and public health research, to challenge the perception that academics are removed from the ‘real world’, and to build a feeling of community. Posts are about the realities of working in research, written in a way that makes the work more accessible.

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The Fuse blog offers a unique and exciting insight into the world of public health research. Health affects us all and our posts are about issues that have a real-life impact on people. Public health is a broad-discipline and there is something for everyone in the Fuse blog. The strength of the blog is in the breadth of our writers and the topics we cover. We offer a behind the scenes look at what academics and researchers get up to. Also publishing posts from people working at the ‘coalface’ in the NHS, local authorities and voluntary organisations, as well as students, and staff involved in public and sharing knowledge. We challenge our contributors to write in an accessible, fun and engaging way with a non-specialist audience in mind. Blog posts cover major public health concerns like obesity, physical activity, alcohol, and smoking but also other factors that affect people’s health throughout their lives - from pregnancy to end of life - such as austerity, welfare, housing, and mental health (dementia, depression, stress, self-harm and suicide). In more than 370 eclectic posts you can read about Dry January, the ‘nanny state’, animation, school dinners and Jamie Oliver, ‘fat shaming’, indigenous Australians, Baywatch, energy drinks, intolerance towards children, Grandmothers, e-cigarettes and 'legal highs' as well as posts about topical news and events. That’s not to forget those providing tips on public speaking, writing for the media, being the ‘perfect’ research student or supervisor, finishing a PhD on time, and understanding how academics (or ‘wizards’) work. The blog posts often spark discussion on social media (#fuseblog) or in the comments section on the platform. We hope that the Fuse Open Science Blog entertains, informs and engages readers about the realities of public health research, can promote interest and collaboration across our readership and, like in the case of our series on junk food at checkouts, have a real-world impact (http://fuseopenscienceblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/whos-opting-out-of-responsibility.html).