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Dining out, enjoying cocktails, travelling and networking are my favourite pastimes. Then again who doesn’t enjoy food, cocktails, travel and socialising? However, in my case, the term enjoyment was an understatement. But for me, simply indulging in travel, cocktails and dinner with good company then sitting up late into the evening on my laptop in the bedroom writing up my thoughts on the experiences (while enjoying a glass of wine or two perhaps) was no longer enough. I wanted a way to formalise and share my thoughts. Back in January 2016 blogging came up during conversation with a friend, and I know it’s hard to believe, but, at that point blogging was a worldwide trend that I’d never heard of. Where had I been hiding you might ask?! So let me explain a little about myself – back then I was someone who’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles were less than two years old. (Needless to say my twitter account is still work in progress) Blogging piqued my interested and the connection was made in my mind. It could be a useful tool to convert my passions into more and connect with others. Early on within my blogging journey I was asked to a guest post for the TFLW – The Fabulous League of Women. My article “From bedroom to Blogger” gave advice to others on how I began this exciting journey. With an open mind, I have embraced the blogosphere community and continue to love, learn and listen to other bloggers about their fab experiences. Passionate about all lifestyle options such as travel, products, food and drink, but understanding that just like me other people want value for money, yet also aware that time can be at a premium and quality products, travel adventures, restaurants, and bars can be hard to find. Thinking about these key facts the forkwardthinkingfoodinista blog was born. The blog is informative and the focus is on having stress free fun – The blog will save you fab foodinistas time and energy to enjoy life to the full, by giving you the heads up about all the cool products and places that are worthy of your valuable time and money. Grateful that I discovered the blogging community which has provided me with a platform to network with other bloggers and brands. The opportunities it has provided me with, such as enjoying an Afternoon Tea on a barge with Manchester City Cruises, to attending a cooking school at Thaikhun Manchester, to reviewing the Afternoon tea in the library lounge at the Marriott Countyhall in London, have all been amazing. Another exciting development from this journey is that I am turning my passion into a career, as I am now re-training as a journalist. Also, a budding a content writer and keen to embrace any challenge media/PR related. That is what my blog and I are about in a nutshell, so if you like what you see VOTE for ME :) Enjoy the blog! Melanie xx

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Time at a premium, value your money, quality restaurants, bars and activities hard to find and love to have stress free fun? That is exactly why I have started my blog. My blog saves you fab foodinistas time and energy to enjoy your evening out, by giving you the heads up about all the cool places that are worthy of your valuable time and money. Having this opportunity would enable me to take my blog to the next level - Exciting! So, spread the word, feel free to pop by the blog anytime and if you like what you see kindly spare a few moments and VOTE for ME :). It would me Muchly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your support :)