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Faded Spring is a fashion blog with a conscience and a duty to educate and inform. Through the medium of colourful aesthetics I can convey a message to my audience that can allow them to challenge their own perceptions of a particular topic. I am not your average Fashion blogger and I believe that Faded Spring is a blog which relinquishes labels in favor of content that is varied, niche and profound. To me fashion is an emblem of artistic expression and when I was bullied or abused I saw fashion as my gateway to success and I was right. Fashion is more than materialism but a lifestyle, a lifestyle which enables me to be more confident and self-assured. As someone who was abused as a child by my stepmother, grew up in care from the age of 10 and was severely bullied all my life I had to grow up quickly in order to survive against the obstacles that life had thrown at me. Fashion changed me and when I discovered it I learnt to stand up against the bullies and eventually help others who had treaded the same path as I did. When I began blogging I was touched by the support I received from the blogging community and was showered with emails and messages from survivors of abuse and bullying who were encouraged by my own stories to step forward. Even my topics centered around fashion are more than just a typical lookbook but a look into why fashion exists, how it makes us feel, how society perceives fashion bloggers. Blogging is educational, fun but above all it can change lives and it has changed mine.

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I am not just a blogger but a writer with a story to tell, a story so poignant that I want the world to know it. Blogging is my whole world, my one dream that I could not live without and I would do anything to make it a full time reality. It would mean living out a fantasy that I have had all my life and waking up each morning with a smile, doing the job I love. Over the past year I have met some incredible people through blogging and worked with fantastic brands but above all I have you my readers. My readers are the ones who encourage me to live out each day with purpose and without you this blog would be nothing but a figment of my imagination. I want you to vote for me if you want a blogger to win who represents the people, who advocates for minorities and who challenges societal constructions or stereotypes on a regular basis. I am unique, I am different, I am me.