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Angloyankophile is a London-based lifestyle blog with a focus on food, travel, and interior design - plus the musings of a 30-something American expat who's lived in London for over a decade. I love to write and share my experiences with readers around the world on a weekly basis and, in return, I hope they come along for the ride.

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The person who nominated me described Angloyankophile as, "a lovely mix of life". And that's what I seek to promote on my blog: the highs, as well as the lows. Sometimes, that might mean a post about grief, nestled between posts about a great restaurant I just discovered, or new travel destination I'm really excited about. I try to keep things ... real. Because even if we're grieving or sad or low, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate joy. Or the little triumphs we have every day. Life goes on. Angloyankophile is a testament to that. Over the years, Angloyankophile has become a community (albeit a small one) of readers, both new and old, who contribute their stories and their experiences in the comments as a reaction to my words. And I'm so grateful for this space - for the connections made.