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[Average of 8,000 unique visitors every month] The Used Car Guy is a website authored by Marcus Rockey offering free information, advice and guidance to private car buyers and sellers in the UK. Unlike any other automotive website, The Used Car Guy provides specialist content garnered from 25 years of direct experience within the used car marketplace. "Primarily I focus on how to buy or sell a used car whilst avoiding the myriad of pitfalls and obstacles that stand in the way of maximizing a sale or purchase. For example, you can find a definitive 8,500 word guide on selling your car privately via popular websites such as Autotrader and Motors. Every angle is covered to ensure car owners gain the maximum amount of money for their car in the shortest time possible. The information contained in this one guide is unlike anything I can find online. Motor industry secrets, tips and tricks are all included to help car buyers get a fast and effect sale. The homepage of my blog centers around buying a used car in the UK. I summarize the essential steps to making a wise purchase that proves to be genuine, reliable and excellent value for money. The Used Car Guy also includes more specialist information about car financing and vehicle history checks. Additionally there are blog posts to help with common questions such as 'what to do with my V5 log book after a sale', or 'should I buy a petrol or diesel car?'. The Used Car Guy is not a review website, so I am careful in avoiding car make and model reviews." Marcus Rockey The Used Car Guy

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