UK Blog Relations your community hub co-host #BlogHour


Last week, our shiny new engagement platform, went live. Since then, we have seen lots of lovely influencer introductions on the Noticeboard area of the platform, as well as the brand Opportunities flooding in!

The reason that a platform like UK Blog Relations was created, was not just to create giveaway and content opportunities (paid and unpaid). No sir, the platform goes beyond that. 

Every day, we see influencers working with brands and we question, what happens after that collaboration. How do you continue to stay connected. Of course, community is super strong across the blogosphere, but to maintain that connect can sometimes be challenging for both brands and influencers. Therefore, we created one community hub.

If you haven't already created an influencer profile, firstly you can do so and secondly, why not? Afterall, it is free.

UK Blog Relations want to celebrate engagement, education and influencer excellence across the blogosphere without focusing on your following. That's right, following is not the bees knees; your influence is.

So, you're now questioning how does a platform go beyond content collaborations?

Our intention for the platform is develop ongoing and lasting relationships and ultimately, to ensure that connection does not end after a project is completed. Therefore, brands can engage with influencers via the platform through messaging, connecting with other influencers, posting questions, thoughts and content posts via the Noticeboard area, join webinars, as well as signing up to attend events and workshops – all very busy but great opportunities. Phew.

Interested? You can read up further by linking to the site: 

But for now, we hope you can join us tonight with during #BlogHour at 9pm via Twitter. We have outlined some questions below, please do take a look and engage with us () before, during and after the hour.

Q1. If you have worked with a brand before, do you feel that the communication stops straight after the project has ended? #BlogHour

Q2. To develop your own influencer brand, what do you value the most and why? Webinar Education, Content Reviews or Events & Workshops. #BlogHour

Q3. When reviewing a product do you choose to be subtle about the coverage or direct in your write up? #BlogHour

Q4. If you engage with a paid advertising opportunity are you aware of the legal advertising rules and the rules are clear enough? #BlogHour

Q5. We have some great webinars coming up. What time and topic would you like to see covered? #BlogHour

Q6.  If you have logged into the platform, in the future what would you like to the platform to do and why? #BlogHour

We look forward to tweeting with you at 9pm tonight!