Transparency Across the Blogosphere | #BlogHour


Each week, we listen to our following from both the UK Blog Awards and the UK Blog Relations social media channels. We try to engage with your tweets and social shares, as we strongly feel that even though we live in a digital society, we should not live a less personal society.

Recently, across media and the Blogosphere, we have seen shares around the lack of transparency relating to influencer brand advertisement. If you are not aware of this legal ruling, yep you read that correctly, its the law let us share this important piece of guidance. If you are a Blogger, Vlogger and/or celebratory, if a company pays you to advertise their products, this must be declared across your channels when you share the information, as well as in your post or video channel. Remember the landmark where the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made their ruling. NO? BBC News provided us a good and quick read on this important topic: 

Our new influencer platform,  assists in providing protection for both brands and influencers when working together. We will ensure full transparency to promote strong and lasting relationships. In light of this topic, we felt it was a great time of year to discuss and yes, we are aware that it is the height of summer (supposidly a heatwave. hmm.) but lets not forget the importantance of this topic. And alas, we have some other fun stuff packed into the hour too!

Check out this weeks' questions below and join the debate on Tuesday 16th August at 9pm via Twitter channel:

Q1. Have you ever been paid for brand advertising on your Blog/Vlog/ across social media and asked not to expose that it is paid content? #BlogHour

Q2. Do you feel that perceptions need to be managed for influencers to feel that it is OK to declare that they have been paid for their work? #BlogHour via

Q3. Have you ever met bloggers face to face after networking online to find they are different in person? #BlogHour

Q4. How do we get more traffic (with an interest in the subject) to our Blog? via #BlogHour

Q5. If your Blog or Vlog was to 'go big' would your morals and attitudes change towards other influencers? #BlogHour

Q6. Let's give our peers a little Tuesday boost. Who would you love to see as the next 'big' blogger of 2017? #BlogHour

Once again, we hope you find this week's questions inspirational and thought provoking. We look forward to catching up with you virtually!