Summer is Here | #BlogHour


This weekend mark the first day of Summer and despite the weather not being as predictable as we would have hoped, Summertime certainly brings a different mood to the year.

During this week's #BlogHour we will discussing all things Summer, your plans and thoughts about how you feel at different times of the year. Join the conversation tomorrow at 9pm via the Twitter account to network, engage and share your posts with your community. In preparation for the hour, take a look at this weeks questions:

Q1. Its officially Summer! Have you intentionally planned to attend events to create interesting content for your Blog? #BlogHour

Q2. How important is being true to yourself across the Blogosphere? via #BlogHour

Q3. Which summer events are you looking forward to seeing covered the most and who will you be following? #BlogHour

Q4. What makes the perfect summer read for you and have you learned anything from other bloggers? #BlogHour

Q5. Do you think Summer impacts your writing style, as opposed to Winter? #BlogHour

Q6. What are you most looking forward to this Summer and what essential items will you take along with you? #BlogHour

If you weren't already ready for Summer, we hope this hour gets you in mood. See you tomorrow at 9pm.