Snapchat vs Instagram Stories: Who does it best?


What happens when two of the world’s biggest social media platforms start offering the same feature? Billions of users start to compare and decide which one is best for them, its natural.

Some people might use both, others will stick to one and some may decide that neither is working for them and they might quit altogether. Snapchat has not reported any reduction in usage. Perhaps Instagram launch of Stories helped promoted Snapchat further. You know what they say about news, but how do they compare?

Both &  Stories are similar in that they only allow your ‘Story’ (video, text and image sequences) to appear for 24 hours. People can watch your Story over again, or can flick through bits they don’t want to see, but, once the 24 hours is up, it will be lost forever, or until you decide you want to recreate the exact same thing and post it all again – but who does that.

Both platforms enable users to see exactly who has viewed their snaps and this is useful for those trying to target a specific audience. The only difference with is that you don’t have to be following someone to view their story – you can simply just click on the top left of their profile and it’s there for the world to see. Simple. With Snapchat, you have to be ‘friends’ with the user to be able to see their story, therefore perhaps limiting your audience.

Both platforms provide users with different filters to edit their images and videos before posting live to their story. Snapchat offers fun cartoon like filters, filters altering the light and shade, black and white and sepia, and also enables users to draw doodles and add emojis or any text to an image or video before posting to the story. 

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Instagram Stories however has a limited range of filters, no funny cartoon ones (unless the author is hilarious, of course), just a couple of light and shades allowing you to adjust the original video or photo. Not to despair, cue the text, emojis and doodle additions, but does Snapchat have more of the fun factor? It would be great to hear your thoughts.  
Snapchat also has a front flash which can really enhance certain images or videos, whereas Instagram Stories is yet to have this feature. Both platforms allow users to save their images or videos to their camera roll, useful if you want to add this as a still image to other social feeds, such as , or Instagram itself.

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The real bonus that Instagram Stories offers to its users is that your current following will already be given the chance to see your story, as well as anyone else browsing Instagram or people who may have stumbled across your profile by chance, or by searching relevant hashtags. With Snapchat, the only people that will see your story are your friends, so you know exactly what your maximum audience will be each time you post. This is reinforced by the removal this week of Local Stories from Snapchat; users used to be able to upload their story to a Local Story within certain big cities, ie London, Los Angeles and New York, whereby more users could potentially see their snaps if people were browsing the Local Story relevant to their city. Now that this feature has been removed, Snapchat users will only have their stories viewed by their friends, thus limiting their audience.

In terms of using these platforms to market yourself, both offer advantages and disadvantages. Snapchat is a fun, quirky way of revealing your personal life to your followers, as long as they are friends with you, whilst Instagram Stories enables you to reveal whatever you like to your growing following, plus anyone else on the net, therefore giving you the maximum audience potential.

Which social media platform do you prefer? Will you be seeing how Instagram Stories grows in the coming months, or will you be sticking to your trusty Snapchat to reveal your news? Let us know!

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