Simply Inspiration | #BlogHour


This weekend, we seen one of our candidates, Laura share her last post: . Laura's blog shows an intimate insight into living with cancer on a day to day basis, and how a young woman can both live and deal with an all consuming disease, without letting it stand in her way. As we read, this brought a tear our eye. We found Laura's Blog and journey an inspiration but also a firm reality why recognition is deserved and the importance of why Blogs and Vlogs exist today. You can read and share Laura's story, as well as following her .

Every week, we read a lot of Blogs and when we do, we are inspired by all of your hard work and determination. We gain an insight into a variety of content styles, as well as your personalities and interests. The power of blogging continues to grow and you never know who may be inspired or supported by your content, so keep going!

This years #UKBA16 awards theme will be celebrating Best of British and Storytelling, both of which provide every candidate and non-candidates something to be proud of across the Blogosphere. We hope you are able to join this evenings #BlogHour via Twitter account from 9-10pm to celebrate your inspiration and how you are inspired by others.

As always, you can view the questions below and in the meantime, you can enter our fantastic giveaway with that ends today. If you love all things cinema and would like to visit with no limits, as well as attend the UK Blog Awards, take a look at the Instagram competition .

Q1. Why did you start your Blog and what key things have you learnt so far? #BlogHour

Q2. Which content creators are you inspired by most and why? #BlogHour

Q3. Have you read any great posts this week? How have they inspired you? #BlogHour

Q4. Which brands get it right and how do they inspire you? #BlogHour

Q5. What advice would you give to a new blogger or vlogger? #BlogHour

Q6. If you knew what you know now about Blogging, what would you do differently? #BlogHour

We look forward to tweeting with you, our inspirational bunch at 9pm tonight. As always, don't forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!