The Rise of Instagram | #BlogHour

During this week’s #BlogHour, we’ll be discussing the ‘Rise of Instagram’ on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 9pm via Twitter account. 
Over the past few months alone, Instagram have made some big changes, particularly with the introduction of Instagram Stories, the new alternative to Snapchat. Users can create their own ‘story’ on their page, enabling them to share live videos and photos with doodles and creative text for 24hrs before their story disappears. 
Alongside Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the biggest social channels and its popularity is constantly increasing, with hundreds of new users interacting every day. This week, we have some great questions from our community, but before #BlogHour takes place we wanted to share some of the benefits of using Instagram as part of your blogging schedule.
# Instagram uses hashtags, allowing your images and site links to be published to millions of users worldwide searching for the same relevant hashtags
# You can put your own visual stamp on this social media platform to make your Blog brand more identifiable 
# It’s a great way of sharing visuals from your blog, such as travel or foodie pics, or eye-catching screenshots of your new blog posts
# Instagram Stories allows your new content to be shared with your existing followers, as well as new potential followers, to maximise the number of total viewers over the 24 hour ‘story’ period

# Finally, don't forget Instagram is a social media platform, therefore this means engagement. Regram favourite images and interact with your InstaBloggers by commenting and liking the images they show

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy tonight's questions all about the Rise of Instagram and how to help your own platform grow. Are you following our visual journey? Instagram account: .

Share your comments about this weeks topic below, and let us know your thoughts on Instagram! What are your favourite questions? Do you have a question for next weeks #BlogHour? 

Q1. How often do you post to Instagram and do you keep to a set niche for photos? via #BlogHour

Q2. What tips do you have on increasing your follow base? via #BlogHour

Q3. Does the follower count to interactivity ratio matter and does posting protocols result in losing the point of the post? via #BlogHour

Q4. How do you convert Instagram traffic back to your Blog and do you think Instagram restricts access? via #BlogHour

Q5. What do you do to increase engagement and have you noticed a difference since the algorithm changed? Via #BlogHour

Q6. Have you set and planned out your instagram theme, what are the pros and cons to theming? #BlogHour

We hope you find the questions below of interest, and we look forward to tweeting with you during #BlogHour from 9-10pm tomorrow!