Rise of the Blogtrepreneur | #BlogHour


The rise of the Blogtrepeneur. How did this happen many may ask. The answer is simple, Community.

Since the noughties arrived content creation online has gone from strength to strength. In the nineties, many were reluctant to what the internet could offer, but with the further development of social media channels such as, YouTube and introduction to the likes of Myspace and Bebo evolving from musician usage to community and social following usage; bang, hello community. These social media sites were the mark of the beginning of self-expression. You had your own profile, which created an image, which then created an online voice. Pair this with a diary style website and welcome to the Power Blogger.

Those that begun their content journey early are the famous faces we recognise today who are now taking over in celebratory advertisements. So the question we hear you ask is how do I become a Blogtrepenuer or am I at all. The answer. You already are. Of course, the content you create has to have impact and purpose. But the fact that you may be a part of Facebook groups, outreach programmes and networking across social media is a sign you are on the right track.

We would love to know, how do you think that the Blogging community has grown, share your thoughts below, we would love to hear!

One thing to bear in mind relating to your development is that thought processes take time to nurture and grow. Be patience along your content journey. Instead of striving to be at the top, strive to be the best in what you do.

Tonight, we discuss the rise of you as a Blogtrepeneurs in your own right, but before we do we wanted to do provide some key community tips for Blog journey success:

1. Community Makes your Blog Heart Grow: it is human instinct to love to talk and it’s pretty clear that if you manage a Blog that you like a good natter. Don’t be afraid to joining Twitter chats. Don’t be that person that reads on from afar, join in. Also join Facebook groups, the likes of UKBloggers is a great one.

2. Give Back as you would like to Receive: let’s face it, we all love to hear something positive and if it is about content you have produced there is nothing more satisfying that hearing that you may have helped someone. So, don’t forget to comment back. Each week during #BlogHour we hear that influencers find it difficult to grow their Instagram following. Engagement is key with any social media channel, as well as adding REAL comments. Try it.

3. Meet up: meets up are great. Whether they are run by your Blogging peers or you gain the opportunity to attend brand events, go along. There may be a little travelling expense involved to reach your destination but who knows the doors of opportunity that it could open. The important aspect about meet people in person is that you will solidify your Blogfriendship further. This is a key part of our UK Blog Relations site (sign up ) where brands and PRs can set up meet up to build relationships and we will also be running smaller events during the UK Blog Awards process before the big night in April 2017!

4. Reach out: As well as making alliances with your Blogging community don’t forget that there is a whole other Blogging community world out there outside of your content niche. Therefore, join generic groups, chats and follow a variety of people.

5. Research, research, research: do you research what is going on outside of your comfort, outside of your Blogging industry niche and also what changes are being introduced across social media platforms and Google updates

We hope you find the above tips helpful and look forward to networking with you tonight during #BlogHour via the Twitter platform from 9-10pm. Check out tonight’s questions below, spread the virtual word and tell us what you think in below:

Q1. Has managing a Blog provided you with more business development knowledge? Do you see yourself as Blogtrepeneur? #BlogHour

Q2. Do you think there is a difference in Blogging for a hobby and Blogging for living? #BlogHour via

Q3. Would you find a Blogtrepeneur Academy useful and if so, what aspects? #BlogHour via

Q4. Have you started using any new social media platforms since you started blogging? #BlogHour via

Q5. How do you keep up to date with updates on social media? #BlogHour via

Q6. Just for fun, if you could create an invention to sit alongside your Blog or Vlog, what would it be? #BlogHour Enjoy.