Public Vote and Your Public Voice | #BlogHour

BlogHour UK Blog Awards

The Public Vote ended tonight at 9pm and with a total of 73,352 votes received, it really illustrates how much the voice of the people matter. Afterall, isnt public opinion what Blogging is all about. It could be suggested that this was how a Blog was perceived in the early years, but is this still the case.

Many of our Bloggers will point out that they Blog because they love what they do and not for the following. So, how much does public perception and opinion matter to you?

Your opinion most certainly matters to us and we would love it if you have a spare60 seconds to answer our quick questionnaire about the Blogging industry .

We hope you can join us tomorrow, Tuesday 26th January 2016 for #BlogHour which, as usual, takes place from 9-10pm via the Twitter handle. We hope you enjoy discussing the questions below:

Q1. What do people think about the future of blogging and what's the next big thing? via

Q2. Did the Public Voting process encourage to maintain the upkeep of your Blog? #BlogHour

Q3. This weekend a popular magazine experienced backlash from a recent post. Do you think it is dangerous for brands to assume they know Bloggers? #BlogHour

Q4. Have you ever used LinkedIn to begin to build your professional network and display your portfolio? #BlogHour

Q5. During the Public Vote some of our entrants experienced hackers. Have you ever come across this, if so, how do you deal with this? #BlogHour

Q6. How would you up your Blogging life in three words? #BlogHour