Pre UK Blog Awards 2017 and Your Community #BlogHour


The UK Blog Awards 2017 event is approaching this Friday with the days now down to single fingures on the countdown and we cannot wait for the community to come together to network, learn from each other, encourage and innovate.

Whether you chose to enter yourself into the awards process (why should you not be proud of your own achievements) or were lucky enough to be nominated or event if the awards 'are not your thing', that's fine too. One thing we do have in common is community and enjoying the 'good' of this ever changing industry.

The awards are not only a chance to be recognised for your hardwork, authentic content and the experience that you provide to your readers, but a chance to bring a mix of cross industry sectors together under one roof, on one night to share the amazing digital work that is available for others.

Tonight during #BlogHour we will be getting excited with you in preparation for the big event, but also celebrating our wider community. So, join us for a fun filled hour tonight at 9pm via Twitter account. In the meantime, you can check out this evenings questions below:

Q1. It's #UKBA17 this Friday, what are you most looking forward to about the event? #BlogHour

Q2. #UKBA17 has not only been about the winning but recognition for the industry, what have you enjoyed the most about the process? #BlogHour

Q3a. Whether you are attending #UKBA17 or not, which content creators are you most looking forward to meeting in person? #BlogHour

Q3b. If you attend an event on your own, what do you find are the best ice breakers to help you feel welcome? #BlogHour

Q4. In this community, should there be judgement on how individuals choose to grow their following? #BlogHour

Q5. If you were a brand looking to work with influencers, what steps would you put in place to ensure a strong working relationship? #BlogHour

Q6. We've left the best question to last, what are you wearing on Friday for #UKBA17? #BlogHour