Pinterest, Your Visual Blog Discovery | #BlogHour


As requested by our community, we have promised that we will run a Pinterest themed #BlogHour. So here we are and first up, we need to clear up that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform (thanks to , Pinterest UK Ambassador for the correction).

Pinterest is marketed by Pinterest to be used as a 'visual discovery tool to find ideas for projects and interests', your very own digital scrapbook and NOT a form of social media. Arguably the lines are grey here, but that's our opinion for another day.

Since our MD, Gemma Newton begun using Pinterest back in 2012, the platform has come a long way but has stuck to its initial USP, using images, description and links across a variety of boards.This digital tool has so much to offer Bloggers, especially who are looking to promote their Blog and increase Blog traffic further. Each Pinterest account has a theme and is used not only by Bloggers, but for brides to be with their wedding planning, help parents find great activities for their children, companies to advertise their products and amazing travel picks to help add to that all important bucket list.

We hope the questions that we have developed with fellow bloggers for tomorrow's #BlogHour via Twitter platform, provide some Pinteresting thought (sorry we couldnt resist, so many puns, so little time!):

Q1. Describe the perfect 'Pin' to draw attention back to your Blog? #BlogHour 

Q2. What's the best way to discover/join group boards? via #BlogHour

Q3. What is the best way to organise your boards to promote a variety of Blog posts? #BlogHour 

Q4. Have you ever created a Blog contest board? If so, what contest did you run and how was it successful? #BlogHour

Q5. Who are your favourite Blogger 'pinners' and how have they inspired you? #BlogHour

Q6. Have you ever used the Buyable Pin tool to buy products or advertise/ track your own products via , how did it work for you? #BlogHour

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow, Tuesday 1st March 2016 via the Twitter account from 9-10pm to discuss all things pinning visual!