Do you set the right trend?


The history of the Retail and Fashion industry is fascinating with its ever-changing and reinventive productions. From accidently introducing the tanned look as attractive on the catwalk from the 1920s to Mr Selfridge changing our shopping experience into an adventure from the beginning of the 1900s. How we shop and follow trends will continue to evolve in years to come.

The next stage of our culture fashion adventure is now popularly shared through the realms of Social Media. Magazines and Fashion Retailers have their own Social Media platforms where they can share news, updates and up and coming trends with their virtual audience. Whereas individuals, fashion led students and young professionals are sharing their work and 'passion for fashion' via their Social Media platform also.

The world of fashion has always been one to stand out and the UK has also been a worldwide trend setter. Blogging and other virtual platforms have opened huge doors to enable individuals and organisations to share designer trends and cleverly market products to a huge virtual audience realtime!

Blogging has become hugely recognisable and respective in the Fashion and Retail industry. One innovative fashionistic individual set up () networking Blog and Twitter hashtag for further connection, which takes place every Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm GMT.

Some leading online Fashion Retailers such as use their Blog to update their followers on what the company has been up to and showcasing fashion trends. This is an excellent form of Marketing for the organisation and illustrates that they are passionate about what they do, but also appreciate their customers!

Blogging in the world of Retail is a hugely clever way to develop a solid return on investment, brand and individual awareness.  has set up a fantastic Blog Awards programme to acknowledge people of the fashion world recognition for their achievements.
However, here we have decided to add the Fashion and Retail Blogging industry to our category to enable not just leading individuals to mix and be recognised by other industry's, but also innovative Blogging Fashion and Retail organisations.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2014! Don't forget to virtually network with us every Tuesday from 9-10pm GMT on Twitter using #BlogHour !

Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To receive an email reminder please email and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.