Do you paint the right picture?


Pictures really do paint a thousands words - for centuries Artists and Leaders have portrayed their image through a single painting, picture or images. The beauty being in the eye of the beholder is that there is no right or wrong answer in the Arts and Culture world. Things are perceived how you want them to be and imagery is what opens minds to enchanting and exciting possibilities.

There are so many different aspects to this Blog Category that it wont be almost impossible to cover all! The , Manchester will be on show from the 22nd June, showing some of his unseen work. Lowry painted a true picture of industrial life. It would be a great interview to hear his thought on discussing his visions and thoughts via Blogging. But would he be a recognised artist of today? Some of the media publications are arguing that Lowry was a mediocre artist but great at reporting.

Modern art has moved forward dramatically over the years, with Graffiti and Street Art now being recognised as 'Art' which  previously would have been seen as taboo. A popular and unknown street artist, Invader has gained recognition and made a lot of searcher extremely intuitive about his worldwide work. There are many . Some of our Blogging Team have seen Invaders fascinating work around the streets of Paris and London!

But lets not forget, Art is Culture and the UK represents and is a key front runner globally in this category. But lets not forget our other European influencer, especially whose 161st Birthday has been celebrated with a (questionable Art and represent of Culture?!) is a true representative of forward thinking and futuristic art and culture. Figures like Gaudi have developed a solid stepping stone and moulded people's visions as to Art and Culture today.

We want to know what is your Blogging passion around Arts and Culture? Do you have any historical figure that inspires you Blog not just on a individual basis but to assist in the promotion of your organisation through marketing.

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