Do you cook up a good blog?


At the UKBA HQ, at some point during our week the main topic of conversion is about what we will be rustling up in the kitchen. Discussion of different food genres and recipes leads to cooking inspiration (well for us anyway!).

The Internet has opened a variety of doors and led our taste buds down many avenues of culinary delights. Parents, students, children and the professionals are now widely recognised across the web via websites and more commonly, Blogs for their innovative recipes.
Back in the day, many would not share their 'secret recipes' and advise that their intriguing delight was something of a family heirloom.
However, techno savvy organisations and individuals now share their foody ideas to not only inspire, but also to gain recognition for their said delightful dishes, which assist in developing and recognising their brand.

Programmes such as, , , and  (to name but only a few), have made time in the kitchen interactive and fun. Staying in with friends and companions has turned into the new going out, especially with the tight economic climate. M&S have set off a catering trend, to many restaurants dismay: 3 course for £10 with a bottle of vino, yes vino! Bargain!
Savvy Blog readers and curators, then become inspired and decide to try and cook/develop recipes set by the professionals themselves. Some of our UKBA Team even have bake offs and come dine's as a monthly occurrence!

It must be highlighted that the society of food Bloggers can hold a dangerous territory for a lot of brands such as, restaurants, hotels and fast food outlets. The worldwide web is wide open for review, judgement and alas criticism. Once a negative review is received in the foodie world, it can be difficult for some (especially small businesses) to win back their customers faith and investment. On a lighter and more positive note, at least we know (and hope) that this industry needs to stay on top of its game, or be at the top of the food industry chain, should we say!?

With the Food Industry being our 8th Award Category to rightly receive recognition for their Blogging achievements, we want to hear from you as an individual or organisation. Let us know what makes your Blog tastier than the rest!

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Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To receive an email reminder please email and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.