A Mammoth World: The Next Generation

It could be argued that the Technology and Digital Industry is the leading industry sectors across the world at the moment. In one way or another individuals and organisations are looking to incorporate new technologies or digital aspects to their brand to make them stand above the rest!

The Technology and Digital Blogs of today come to great use to help inspire, innovate and help organisations be proactive in their approach and seek new inventions and trends. Worldwide Blogs such as , and (naming only a few here!) lead the way in updating their readers about new fascinating developments.

The Technology and Digital Blogging industry is what we would describe as ‘Mammoth’ and whether we like it or not digital technology IS the next generation. We could not begin to provide a full list of what the digital world covers, but here are a few pointers to entice encouragement for recognition of this fascinating industry:

1. Gamification Some of you may be wondering what Gamification actually is? The term is only beginning to be recognised, even though it has been valid for many years. You actually already know what Gamification is, but may not be aware of the term. Do you own a computer system that plays video games? Play on digital games such as or on your Android/Apple Mobile or Tablet/IPAD?  Answered yes to these questions, then you are a part of the world of Gamification.

2. Social Media Lets face it, if you are reading this blog post and have already looked at our website, you are pretty Social Media savvy. Popular social media programmes such as, , , , , , and are pretty much engraved into our minds and play a big part in the daily lives of individuals and organisations. Blog programmes such as Wordpress and Blogger are the front runners in the Blogging world. We ask and wonder, where would you place yourself in in understanding the world of social media? Are you timid reader or a mighty inventor?

3. Mobile Technology Hand in hand with our social media category during this post, mobile technology is now classed as a lifeline for individuals and organisations. With the common argument, who is the leading mobile provider and is really on its way out? Are you an ultimate mobile techno guru and own a pair of the much wanted ? And are you intrigued by the new Facebook android? Some Bloggers may not have heard of some of the things mentioned here, it all depends how tech savvy you actually are!

4. Government Technology This may sound cheesy (and very uneducated!), but the thing that sprung to mind from our team when we were list the Technology and Digital categories for this Blog was, James Bond! Yes, we apologise now. But let’s face, everyone (who does not work closely to the secret service) wonders just what sorts of technologies are used and implemented today, unbeknown to the public eye! However, we have a few that we can share with you such as, , what an amazing and useful feature! How many of you have Googled your own house? We have! What about city CCTV which has been extremely useful to the Police force over the years. Thirdly and finally, our chipped passports and more tech savvy councils across the UK help the government stay more connected with its society.

5. Educational Technology The web has opened up further doors for the Teachers of today. Some may argue it is adding to their already long tasks of things to do. However, it could be argued that technology can simplify teaching methods and innovate children’s thinking and learning. Platforms such as , and Podcasts are introducing new insightful uses and techniques into the classroom. Children who were potentially once bored are now embracing the use of technology to increase their skills and knowledge (we hope!). We ask, where does the UK stand on the educational technology ladder?

6. Finance Technology Finance you read? Boring...or is it, perhaps it is but the fact remains that sophisticated technologies and analytics have been produced to protect our society's welfare and wellbeing. Fraud is a huge and on-going day to day crime and some may agree, it is expected that our cards are protected. Without the correct technologies this would not be the case. Another insightful tool which has developed considerably over the years is, mobile banking - the saviour for time management! Initially a taboo and risky tool (sometimes it still can be), leading banks such as provide a sign in calculator pad, keep it simple with secure online logins, with almost all banks offering mobile apps. The finance sector really has come along way in recent years and Bloggers are finding some really insightful stuff to post about.

The above provides a few details on how the digital technology industry impacts on our world today. This Blog Category award opens up to literally all of the sectors we have listed on our . You may work in the education sector and want to be recognised for your Blogging achievements, but what if you have invented something for your industry and Blog about this product too? Surely it is worth being recognised for both achievements? And it is!

We would love to hear what you think makes your individual or organisations Blog and News a true success. Are you a follower of inventions or an inventor yourself?

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