Are you the new Mr and Mrs Smith?


Our team have been saving themselves to announce our next Blog Award Category, the Travel Industry.  With Monday 22nd July being the hottest day of the year, it now being the summer break for most and a new Prince being born, we felt that there was no better time for an inspirational and dreamy Blog post about the Travel sector.

Due to the recession the UK has seen a rise in its holiday industry, however, jet setters are still grabbing last minute deals with airlines like offering some fab bargains! offered some great figures on British travellers in their posting in January 2013.

The Internet and Blogging has opened many doors for people wanting to Travel and see the world. The term 'travelling' was typically referred to as backpacking and it was directly stereotyped to the students of the 70s and deemed unsafe. However, with providers such as , and travelling has become a more popular and welcoming hobby.

There are some fascinating stories about how individuals have quit their jobs to go and travel the world. Not only to travel, but to Blog and they are able to earn a living from their wonderful storytelling Blogging journals. Travel Bloggers are deemed as experts in their area of travel. A prime and extremely popular example is the Hotels, both man and wife travel the world to sample only the most, unique and exclusive hotels offering mouth watering local produce and reviewing only the best hotels (in their opinion of course, but once a brand has been established, opinions matter and do count!).

Lets not forget the Travel industry does not only cover travel, but offers the supplies we require when jetting or travelling for our big break of the year! For us, the high-street chain brands that automatically spring to mind are and for toiletries and and for the most reliable suitcases (everyone loves a good suitcase with wheels! Oh yes!). Or in the case of backpacking and outdoor adventures breaks , and are extremely reliable.

We ask what springs to mind when you think of travel? Do you automatically jump for the brochures or turn to your mobile device to browse for cost effective saving websites such as and .

Lets face it, times have changed dramatically over the years and the Travel industry has opened many doors for tourists, consumers and improved the livelihood of residents by tourists spending a considerable amount of money to develop their towns and cities (as well as causing some issues, but lets not disgress!).

We would love to hear what you think makes your individual or organisations Blog a true Travel Industry success. The Travel Industry holds many stories and we want to hear your!

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