World Television Day > we salute you!

So, it is , a declared day dedicated by the United Nations on the 21st November to celebrate its universal approach to sharing news, not just by speech but also including video and live footage content around world affairs, news and conflict around the globe.

It may have been thought by some that World Television Day is to celebrate popular dramas such as, or reality TV shows such as, or . And indirectly it could be argued these shows are a part of the celebrations.

Over the years TV has shared many things, with the current natural disaster in Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan as an unfortunate example, with whom our deepest thoughts go out too. However, without television we would only find out this news via radio wave and perhaps not even understand the extent of the disaster, to enable sufficient and gracious help that has been provided and is ongoing by organisations such as, the . Without being able to share broadcast around world affairs, how we would we develop an understanding from different continents and cultures. News assists to develop people’s perceptions in every day practice without the general public even realising.

It is already clear that our generation is about the 'new digital age' and Digital & Technology has come a long way in recent years. With more current trends and developments from the likes of vs. the , the technology battle and invention race is truly alive.

But lets not allow ourselves to be side tracked by popular tech brands, TV has aided design and input around the world for many generations. Especially in the home environment with users not clearly realising the psychological impact it has on their day to day existence. The question is, do we take modern technology for granted, probably.
We found two great supporting posts around 'the connected home' and 'technology early adopters' which are both are fascinating and thought provoking reads!

Michael Dowd from the GroupM agencies (Maxus, MEC, Mediacom and Mindshare) writes a great piece around, The Slow Churn of the Connected Home:

Marc Perton, Executive Editor from Engadget posted, If You're Reading This, You're An Early Adopter:

Back to the box again and TV is STILL developing with the introduction of HD and Smart TVs, but we are also aware that Blogs and digital media are a great platform to read practical and sound advice around world affairs and conflict, 'on the go' and in 'realtime'. This is exactly why we felt it was necessary to award blogging content from Individuals and Organisations across this field.
Our two expert judges on the Technology and Digital panel are a prime example of innovative technological developments with, providing exciting, engaging and unique digital experiences to the event market such as YrWall and more recently introducing pop up store, YrStore which is a true fashion tech innovator. Secondly and finally we have, s the software that runs 20% of the web and 52% of the top 100 blogs!

We believe it is justified to say that we have quite a lot to thank the 'big box' for, without TV sharing news around the world technology may have not progressed to where the digital world is today! If you would like to read more about World Television Day, please the website In the meantime, we would be delighted to read your Blogs around Digital and Tech innovation and thought leadership from both Individuals and Organisations. We want to award you for your achievements!