#BEDN > Countdown to the Public Vote

It is our 24th Blog post this month and the end of the #BEDN challenge is in sight! Not only have we been counting up the Blogs we have posted this month, but also counting down until midnight on Sunday 1st December 2013 when entries will close for Individuals and Organisations to enter their Blogs for their 1st National UK Blog Award.

Due to there only being 7 days until Sunday 1st December 2013, we felt it would be a great time to get our candidates and those thinking about entering the awards to review  the benefit of the public vote phase and how best to develop votes.

From Monday 2nd December - Monday 13th January 2014 the public vote will take place. It will be down to you as an Individual and Organisation to promote your entry to your colleagues, friends, family and organisations.

What will be the benefit of the Public Vote Stage?

1. The "People's Voice"

Voting is linked to "personal worth" - a sense of support or power. The #UKBA14 public voting system will provide the voter with the satisfaction of knowing they have voiced their opinion and played a role in shaping the decision for the awards. Blogging is shaped and developed around the “people’s voice”, therefore your award will have more standing and credibility in its achievement.

2. Develop Awareness of your Blog

The public vote is phase 1 of the judging process for the awards and what better to develop further awareness for your Blog. You are given the chance to email all of your contacts, which we understand some individuals may not have many. That is why social media is a great platform to encourage public voting. Obviously not all Blogs from each Individuals and Organisation category will make the shortlist, but we believe all will benefit and be awarded from the public voting phase due to the awareness that will have been acheived during the process.

How can I encourage the Public to vote?

- Good old email and newsletter campaigning, with the unique url that you will be provided to enable direct voting qucikly and effectively
- Twitter has the benefit of retweeting, direct messaging and modified Tweets
- Facebook has the benefit of sharing posts, setting up groups and directly messaging your contacts
- Pinterest has the benefit of sharing the #UKBA14 logo pin, along with you providing a description and specific pin board dedicated to you or your company developing awareness for people to vote
- YouTube has the benefit for you to develop a video pledge and for this to be shared across the popular social media channels
- LinkedIn has the benefit of group engagement, direct messaging, instance posts that can be shared and the ability to update your profile and showcase that you are calling for votes
- Do you work for a company, are you a member of an organisation or body, currently at University or have contacts within your industry field? Why not ask for their support, you could develop blog posts and/or interviews
- Your own Blog! Each week during the Public Vote phase you could develop a dedicated post to encourage more votes and again drive traffic back to your individual Blog or company website

You may have already noticed other great award programmes using the public voting process such as, , , and , of which you will notice all of the award programmes develop the public voting stage uniquely to their awards.

After the voting process finishes in January 2014 we will choose two lucky winners at random to attend the awards ceremony on Friday 25th April 2014 in London.

We wish all of our entry candidates the best of luck during the public voting phase and look forward to receiving further entries this week! We welcome your feedback to this Blog post, the positive and negative as the public voice is importance to us abd we believe without the 'power of the public', Blogging would not exist in the way it does today!

To enter your Individual or Company Blog into the National UK Blog Awards 2014, please click .

Best of luck!