A City Like No Other

Helen Newman
A City Like No Other

Moving to Australia has been a dream of mine ever since my friend Mel emigrated when we were just 15. I was determined to finish my degree before embarking on more travelling and now my boyfriend Sam has recently received the good news that he's passed all his exams and is now a qualified accountant, there's nothing stopping us. So, the time has come to pack up my job and start a new life in Australia. Although hugely excited, this has got me thinking about how much I'm going to miss London, not only my friends and family but my job and the city itself. I love London and the non-stop crazy social life it's given me, with food and drink playing a huge part.

Reflecting back on the past few years, I'd like to share with you some of my favourite London eateries, waterholes and dance floors. Let's start with my local hangout, Tooting, a place I've somewhat avoided until recently as let's be honest, it's a bit of a dive. After being dubbed the new Shoreditch by the Evening Standard I thought I'd venture out and have since found a couple of nice brunch spots like Tota plus some awesome curries which can be found at most places along the high street.

Local aside, you can't beat the atmosphere of Soho. Hidden basement bars like the Experimental Cocktail Club and trendy restaurants such as Coal Vaults and Polpo with menus designed for sharing, they're the perfect place to visit with friends. High-rise Duck and Waffle and Aqua Shard have been two of the best breakfasts I've ever experienced with the highlight being a morning cocktail made with Kellogg's Cornflakes soaked in almond milk and vodka.

Cocktails and dancing in Chelsea is a great night out if you're looking to splash the cash, with Bart's being the place to be seen. Their coffee cocktail served in an Italian coffee pot with a slab of dark chocolate is the drink to order but stay clear of the grape and Stilton cheese one! Just around the corner hides what's in my eyes as the best restaurant in town. See for yourself in my review of The Five Fields on the blog.

Shoreditch always offers a good time, whether it's sipping Haribo cocktails on the roof of Golden Bee or devouring a mind blowing lobster roll, washed down with hot buttered rum at night market Hawker House, you'll be sure to find something out of the ordinary. Talking of unusual, I recently made a trip to Kensington Roof Top Gardens which boasts a flock of flamingos roaming around the Italian roof gardens - only in London! All this talk of drink has made me hungry, so it's time to tell you about some of my favourite sweet treats in London.

The city's streets are packed full of late-night cake stops and gelato parlours with La Gelateria and Gelupo being two of my favourites. Not only does London give you flexibility about when you eat but also what you eat, with it being home to never-seen-before dishes like the Crodough, the Duffin and avocado flavoured ice cream.

Food and drink from all over the world can be found wherever you are in London, with recent trips to Brick Lane and Camden Market offering endless choice in cuisine. There's reason to keep things British too, with the rise of farmers markets supporting local traders in almost every area. My personal favourites are Maltby Street to pick up a St John's famous custard doughnut and Venn Street for out of this world fruit bread from Global Fusion Bakery.

I could go on forever about the good times I've had in London and the delights I've found, many thanks to a "must visit" list I made a few months back (check it out on the blog!). London is a fantastic place to live and visit and some may think I'm mad moving from a city I love, but I'm sure wherever I am in the world I will have new experiences just as good as London, so follow my journey as I travel the world en route to a new life in the land down under.

Living life, loving London,

H x

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