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Over here at we absolutely love bloggers. They have completely changed the dynamic of journalism, social media, the celebrity culture and transformed the way we digest news and information. If it’s happening now, then you can be rest assured that somewhere it’s being written about in a fresh, quirky, vibrant way. Bloggers have given the traditional media a run for their money because they are turning the average daily tasks or news into something fun, creative and new.

The most fantastic thing about bloggers is that they really love what they do and what they are writing about. They hold passion for this certain topic or style and it really comes through in their writing. Instead of some stuffy journalist sat in a dull room trying to think of something ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ to write about bloggers are actually in the middle of the now, the young, ever changing world we live in. They know what they want, what their friends want and how to write about it.

At Twinings we have embraced this and have invited bloggers from all walks of life to join us and rejoice in the love of the world of tea. We think that it’s vital to get honest opinions and the opinions from the people who live and breathe our popular culture, so that’s why we are in regular contact with bloggers from all around the UK.

We treasure our relationship with bloggers so we love to share a sneak peak of new products with them. One great example of this is our recent release of our delicious Sweet Green Teas. The Sweet Green range is our brand new collection of green tea but with a sweet twist. We have added the taste tantalising flavours of to the wonder that is Green Tea.

Once the product was blended and ready to be tasted we sent out preview samples to our key bloggers six weeks before they hit the shelves. We just wanted to get this new and exciting product out to our bloggers because we knew we would get their honest opinion and fast feedback. We also knew that they would create a fantastic buzz around the new range and would spread the word! Well, they didn’t let us down…

We also hosted a tea tasting at our historic London store at 216 Strand. This tea tasting consisted of inviting our bloggers down, teaching them about the tea, and giving them the exclusive preview of our glorious Sweet Greens; if you not aware of The Strand store then you must go and visit. It’s our 307 year old store that was bought by Thomas Twinings himself, if you love tea then you will think you have died and gone to heaven.

We were just delighted by the incredible feedback we received. The buzz the bloggers helped to generate across and helped to create enormous demand for these new blends once they hit the shelves. For this, we thank our bloggers.

Our bloggers help us and we help our bloggers. We are proud of them; we love the style and tone of writing, so that’s why we showcase their work on our platforms. We promote their work on our social sites as well as our website. We believe that bloggers bring relevance to our brand and to be totally honest, they have brought a breath of fresh air to Twinings.

We love to give our own real estate to bloggers through our guest blogging program. If we find someone with real expertise and a love for tea then we want to show them to the world. One great example of a fantastic guest blogger is Alison Appleton. Alison is a connoisseur when it comes to tea and has her very own line of teaware that we sell in our store. This collection oozes class, elegance and style and if we don’t say so ourselves, that completely represents the Twinings brand, so that’s why we asked her very nicely to write a guest blog for us.

Alison chose the topic Dressing For Tea, which we absolutely loved. She educated us in the rich heritage of fashion and tea and brought it beautifully into the 21st century in a stylish and classic manner. See for yourself

We also love to work with companies that value the bloggers option as much as we do. That is why we have partnered up with the wonderful Huffington Post. The has a network of 10,000 bloggers; they have truly recognised the importance of bloggers and value their honest, witty and genuine opinion.

We teamed up with the Huffington Post to showcase our new campaign, ! This campaign is all about making your day that bit better, breaking that 3pm lull at work and giving you a piece of entertainment in the form of interesting stories and tea!

Each day the Huffington Post realises bite size pieces of content on our behalf, this could be anything from a hamster trying to fit through a tiny gap and you have that tense moment of ‘will he make it’ to “6 Tips For Handling An Office Romance (Without Losing Your Job)”. Each and every piece of content is produced to give everyone that light piece of relief in their day and to hopefully make their work wonderful.

Using the Huffington Post’s network of 10,000 bloggers means that we truly reach the people that matter to us, the creative, fresh, innovative people of our time that will give us their true opinion and will spread the word.
Bloggers are the heart and soul of Twinings, we love their warmth, their realism, their speed and their true personality! We really couldn’t survive without you lot, so keep writing, keep being original and keep the tea brewing.

Lots of love,

The Twinings Team x