Guest Post: James Dwyer | Creditplus | Blog Challenges: How do you make car finance interesting?

UK Blog Awards 2015 – submission from James Dwyer,  (nominated for Best Company Automotive Blog ).

The growth of content marketing has led to many companies and organisations looking to explore the use of a blog as an effective marketing and SEO tool. Working as part of an in house marketing team has many of it challenges. The biggest one? How do you make your subject interesting?

This is especially relevant for the . At first look, car finance probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting or interesting prospect for a potential reader. So how can you effectively use a blog to gain attention and traffic to a car finance website?

The first step is to make use of what you know. Working at Creditplus, you soon learn the ins and outs of car finance. One of the company’s main strengths is its dedication to being an ethical lender. With so much mistrust of the financial industry since the economic collapse, raising trust is a key challenge. We’ve been using our insider knowledge to shed light on some of the important things to consider when applying for car finance, such as using a or checking if a is right for you. We also regularly profile announcements and innovations in the green industry and environmental issues – something the digital team are passionate about.

Secondly, you need to make sure your blog is an information resource. Why should a reader visit your website over others in the industry? Here at Creditplus, we regularly review cars and compare the different options available for each manufacturer. We also bring regular news from the motor industry, updates on new cars and important announcements. For example, we recently wrote a lengthy blog post . By making your blog a resource, readers will want to come back.

The next step is to write about what you love. The team here all have a passion for all things car related. Whether it’s the latest inventive piece of car technology, or reviewing the drama and intrigue from a Formula One race, by writing about something we love, the passion shows through to our readers.

We also aren’t afraid to think outside our little box. We’ve taken a look at some of , what would happen if , we even looked at how engineers have been . We are not afraid to be bold and explore the full limits of our subject area. The more scope you add to your blog, the wider variety of audience you are likely to get.

So to sum up, here are my top tips for making your subject interesting:

  1. Use your expertise – By using the knowledge you gain working around your subject, you will be writing blogs that will be useful to the reader.
  2. Make your blog an information resource – give the reader a reason to come back to your blog again and again.
  3. Write about what you love – What about the subject inspires you? Makes you passionate? Use this for your blogs and it will come across to the reader.
  4. Explore the full breadth of the subject – Don’t be afraid to stretch the topic as much as possible. The more in depth you look at your subject, the more ideas you will find for great content.

James Dwyer is blog manager for the Creditplus Car Finance blog. Publishing news and features on the car and finance industry, the blog has been established for almost three years now and was highly commended at the UK Blog Awards 2014.

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