Three B's: Blog | Brand | Bold

Voting for the #UKBA15 finished last week and overall our entrants received a staggering 42,000 votes between them. The votes received for the 2015 award entrants tripled in volume compared to last year’s Public Vote.

If you were involved as a UK Blog Awards 2015 entrant, you will be more than aware that Phase 1 did not succeed without some hiccups along the way. We like to look at the said hiccup as a positive one, of course. Within the first few days of the vote, the UK Blog Awards website received so much traffic and interest for our candidates that it crashed! Whilst we had taken further precautions to avoid this from happening, technology defeated us. Not in the way that the Gangnam style video exceeded its 2 billion viewing rate and crashed last week, but nonetheless it happened. However, the website still managed to register over 2,500 votes within the first day.

Gemma, Director of UK Blog Awards Ltd commented:
“The amount of enthusiasm we have received for the 2015 awards has been overwhelming, but is a true reflection of the importance of blogging for companies, individuals and freelancers across the UK."
“What’s been particularly interesting about this year’s voting is how the individuals and companies have marketed themselves. Many have created their own visionary logos to draw in their audiences, really honing in on this year’s theme of ‘be bold’.”

You may have read some of the fantastic that we received from our UKBA15 entrants during the Public Voting Phase. If you have not yet managed to have a read, we would urge you to have a browse, especially if you are interested in how Blogging has impacted UK industries from an individual and company perspective and you may also pick up some further hints and tips along the way!

To continue commending our fellow UKBA15 entrants, we wanted to share some of the adapted voting logos that our candidates had gone to the effort to ‘BeBold’ and add their own marketing spin to their Public Vote campaign. We question, do you see your Blog as your brand? If your answer is no, perhaps you should. Afterall, your Blog is your personal platform, whether as an individual hobbyist writer or as a commercial company blogger with a view to use your Blog to draw in your online audience. It is undeniable, Blogging has proven to be an extremely powerful resource and tool. We wonder how seriously do you view your Blog? Is your reader base growing daily, along with interest? If so, perhaps you have formed a ‘Blog Brand’ without even realising.

The shortlist for Phase 2: the will be announced this coming Monday 15th December 2015, with details listed via our website. As you may already be aware, the awards are about recognising great innovative content across a multitude of UK industries, so is it not time for you to step up, accept that your Blog is good enough, embrace your Brand and BeBold? We will let you decide whilst looking over some of the innovative adapted #UKBA15 logos below, including our PR company,  who even got involved, can you spot the T-Rex?!: