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Jamie Wallis, Event UKBA15 Judge is the Editor from and . Exhibition News for the second year running are sponsoring the Events category for the UK Blog Awards.

During this post, Jamie provides his insight and opinion around why Journalism and Blogging are key in the digital world, albeit together and not replacing one another, contrary to many other beliefs and opinions. With a background that includes working as a sports journalist for the News of the World, Four Four Two, ZOO and editing Loaded magazine; Jamie is a creative and forward-thinking editor who has worked across a number of print titles and websites, in both the consumer and B2B sector.

Before you dive into reading the interview with Jamie's honest answers and what he will be looking out for when assessing the Event shortlist, Jamie has provided further comment about the awards:

“Someone recently asked me if I thought print media can remain relevant and exist in a world of real-time online news and with the incredible growth of blogs. My answer was simple; absolutely. Whether you are a big corporation or an individual writer, blogging gives you the same platform to get your points across and your voice heard, and can in fact, complement traditional publishing. It’s all about the evolution of journalism and technology, and I’m honoured to be part of the National UK Blog Awards that recognises this revolution.”

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1. What does it take for you to bookmark a Blog? Is there anything that a Blog must have/be to grab your attention?
A tone of voice that remains the same is really important. Short and sharp or broken into parts instead of continuous text is also preferred. The angle is key – for example – so many bloggers and journalists go for the easy win – the obvious story, without truly looking at the subject from both sides. What is the real story? The smaller angle is often the sharpest.

2. What would stand a Blog out from the crowd? Top three things.
A well-researched opinion.
Structure – so important that your blog is well thought out and considered. Rants are good, but a successful one needs a good beginning, great middle and excellent end.
A good use of digital – a mix of pics and gifs where appropriate – but no overkill.

3. How seriously do big companies take Blogs and the Blogging culture on a commercial level?
On an employment level, I would read an interviewee’s blog so I could get a feel for their writing style, personality and tone of voice. Generally, I think blogs add more content to a story or a brand, but the execution of them is sometimes difficult to pull off. Fashion brands take a lot of notice of blogs – as fashion bloggers can be the ones who drive a new trend or spot/make a trend.

4. Do you think there is any brand loyalty when it comes to Blogs that report on news?
Loyalty comes with trust. If the blogger is coming from a point where they are an actual source for that news, then yes. If you see yourself in that blogger, then the answer is again, yes. However, I think it depends on what the news is and how it is reported. Bias on a story can be very dangerous.

5. Do you think that in time Blogs will take over from the traditional media forms such as, daily newspapers for the latest news?
No! Sorry but no. Blogs are fantastic and add extra value and content to subjects, brands and news but I think to suggest that they could take over from traditional media is far-fetched. I read a comment from one of the other judges that said this and I have to say, although I think blogs can play an important and key role in media going forward, I think to expect blogs to take over from newspapers and latest news from respected sources is not only unlikely, it just won’t happen. Blogs are opinions, features and in part analysis. The same viewpoint says that print is dead or is on its knees. Companies with rigid business models who don’t understand how digital and print can live together close down their print titles. But print will live on for a good 20+ years yet and hopefully a lot longer. Like blogs and news – it’s all about balance and choice and making medias compliment each other.

6. What Blogs do you read and why?
I have no loyalty to one blog, but do follow men’s lifestyle blogs on sites like and will read the odd fashion blog or football opinion piece from a blogger.