UKBA15 Most Innovative Judge, Olivia Scott | High Street TV / Nutribullet UK | Your Voice: Your Perspective

Olivia Scott, Most Innovative UKBA15 Judge is the Direct Sales and Communications Manager from and .

Olivia's favourite brand is Coca Cola and her most rated Ad campaign from her favourite brand is 'Holidays are Coming' - who doesnt love that advert!?

Olivia has a keen eye for all things creative and for the thinking outside of the box mentality! She is determined to support bloggers in the UK and empower them forthwith! Olivia recently finished judging the UK's shortlisted Most Innovative individual and company shortlisted candidates and below, Olivia provides her perspective of Bloggers and provides hints as to what she will be looking for when assessing those important Blogs.

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1. What does it take for you to bookmark a Blog? Is there anything that a Blog must have/be to grab your attention?
Interesting content and a consistent brand presence are the main things I look for in a blog.

2. What would stand a Blog out from the crowd?
Top three things. Humour, realism and brand presence.

3. How seriously do big companies take Blogs and the Blogging culture on a commercial level?
Much more than they used to. In the last couple of years I would say bloggers are now on the radar of most commercially-minded organisations. In terms of PR – they are a go –to source for real, respected reviews of products. For example for a product like NUTRiBULLET we would always seek reviews from bloggers for unique user feedback.

4. Do you think there is any brand loyalty when it comes to Blogs that report on news?
I think the best thing about blogs is that they are impartial, un biased and give a subjective but informed view on current affairs/ the topic they are covering, so no.

5. Do you think that in time Blogs will take over from the traditional media forms such as, daily newspapers for the latest news?
Absolutely, I think it is going that way day by day. Bloggers are now a respectable group of people – a force to be reckoned with.

6. What Blogs do you read and why?
I enjoy hookedonhouses, glambambini, superlativelyrude, londonchicks.
They are all very different and in every way. Hookedonhouses is something that fascinates me, content is fresh and interesting. Glambambini is a real mothers life and she reviews products and gives real feedback to help others. Superlativelyrude is a scream.