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Julee Fletcher, Fashion and Fashion UKBA15 is the Fashion & Luxury Brands New Business Director at .

Julee's career portfolio is what many fashion and beauty bloggers dream about. Julee begun her extensive and whirlwind Fashion career by completing her degree at London College of Fashion. After University, Julee jumped at the opportunity to work in New York and begun her career working with Maria Chen and then went on to work for big names such as, JayZ.

More recently Julee spends her present time specialising in pre and post production stills and moving image shoots working with Fashion Brands such as Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Charlotte Olympia, Swarovski, TOPMAN and fashion Magazines such as ID, Wonderland, GQ Style to name a few.

Julee is a big believer in making change happen and creating experiences, read below what she will have been on look the out for when assessing the shortlisted Blogs. Julee also said about UKBA15:
“When I was a Model Agent, I thrived on making change and a difference to people’s day to day lives. I love how Blogging and Social Media have opened further doors in the world of fashion and media. I believe in living for the moment. You never know what doors can open and what the online world can now do for your career. Go with the UK Blog Awards theme this year and Be Bold!”

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1. What does it take for you to bookmark a Blog? Is there anything that a Blog must have/be to grab your attention?
Simple really, originality, of the moment with informative content and interesting colourful imagery with an editorial feel. I like to see individuality and get a feeling of being pulled into their world from the bloggers work.

2. What would stand a Blog out from the crowd? Top three things.
Great quality images, experience & expertise within the chosen field.  The Blog will also be to the point with useful information

3. How seriously do big companies take Blogs and the Blogging culture on a commercial level?
I believe wise companies whom are moving with the times are paying attention, and yes, these companies are taking the blogging culture super serious. Companies understand that bloggers help to create awareness, reinforce their USP & brand identity and direct a certain amount of traffic towards their company. Bloggers strengthen the company culture and positive blogging connects the public with that brand/company in a current of the moment manner that is both visual & informative - what’s not to be taken seriously!

4. Do you think there is any brand loyalty when it comes to Blogs that report on news?
Yes, if a blogger identifies with that brand & has a feeling of trust in relation to the blog.

5. Do you think that in time Blogs will take over from the traditional media forms such as, daily newspapers for the latest news?
I believe there will always be a demand for the traditional media, as well as the current innovative methods in our ever involving society. So in answer, I do believe supply and demand will cause us to have a want for both classic journalism and for information via blogs.

6. What Blogs do you read and why?
Well selected, good taste, current, branch out into film etc.