#BlogHour: Blogging vs Journalism | The IMPRESS Project | Tuesday 17th February 2015

There is an ongoing debate about where Blogging actually fits into the world of Journalism. Will Blogging replace print? Are Bloggers the new Journalists of the digital age? The questions are endless, as well as the debate, dependent on who you ask of course!

As a result, we were delighted to welcome The IMPRESS Project () as the Most Innovative sponsor for the UKBA's 2015. The IMPRESS Project are about change and are looking to support Bloggers around the freedom of press, as well as advising on the boundaries and legalities - which many may forget exist.

We are therefore, excited to welcome as the co-host for #BlogHour this coming Tuesday 17th February beginning at the usual time of 9pm! We expect the questions outlined below to be of interest to many individual and company Bloggers, as well as Journalists and PR Professionals.

The hour will be focused, fun and informative. So, pencil us in your diary this Tuesday from 9-10pm with questions and Tweets from the Twitter platform for a great hour of virtual networking.

The questions for discussion include:

1. Is blogging the future of journalism?

2. Who do you trust more, bloggers or journalists?

3. What can journalists learn from bloggers?

4. Do you worry about breaking the law when you blog?

5. Would you value blogger training?

6. What constitutes ‘good quality’ blogging?

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our may be helpful.

Don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!