#BlogHour: Managing Opportunity | Tuesday 3rd March 2015

With 7 weeks to go until the , we felt it would be a perfect time to discuss 'opportunity' through Blogging, as well as look at debating old and new forms of Social Media - has everyone really given up with Facebook, the statistics tell us not, but what is your opinion? Also we question, have you ever thought that your Blog could assist with your career or even open new doors? If not, perhaps you should.

Join us tomorrow on Tuesday 3rd March 2015 from 9-10pm  via our  Twitter platform for #BlogHour. This week we are looking to discuss an ever popular topic, Managing Opportunity and you can view the questions below in preparation:

Q1> Do you manage social media at the weekend or take the time off? #BlogHour

Q2> Will SnapChat ever be used for business use? If so, how? #BlogHour

Q3> Feedback during recent BlogHour discussions is that Facebook is dying. How do you think it can be improved? #BlogHour

Q4>  How much attention do you pay in tracking your Blogs data? Do you use a programme to monitor? #BlogHour

Q5> Which brands would you like to work with the most? #BlogHour

Q6>  Are you using your blog to develop your career portfolio? Which companies offer the best social media job opportunities? #BlogHour

If you have never taken part in #BlogHour before and want to know more about how it works our  may be helpful.

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