#BlogHour: Blogging Interaction | Tuesday 12th May 2015


It is that time of week again when we come together with cross industry Blogging communities across the UK and beyond. Each week the hour provides opportunity to network through online engagement to share tips and knowledge from the topical questions outlined below, as well as providing opportunity to marketing what you do best, Blogging.

We look forward to debating with you this evening at 9pm from the  Twitter handle.  If you have not joined us before, you can view our .

Q1. Have you ever promoted any of your posts, if so, what benefits did you see?#BlogHour via

Q2.  Have you ever used to engage your readers? #BlogHour

Q3. Blogging takes a huge amount of time. How do you measure ROI? #BlogHour via

Q4. Everyone asks what you enjoy or your favourite part of blogging is, but what's your least favourite thing about Blogging? #BlogHour via

Q5. Do you develop your Blog posts whilst on the go? Which Apps make your Blogging life easy? #BlogHour

Q6.  Do you send a Blogging newsletter, if so, which programme do you use and what benefits have you gained from using? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy the topic for this evening. See you online at 9pm!