#BlogHour: Keep Going | Tuesday 2nd June 2015


Each week, we run #BlogHour via Twitter and each time we wonder, are our questions inspiring and innovative enough? Here at the UK Blog Awards, we are always questioning innovation, as it is extremely important for digital engagement in the digital age. As an individual or business, do you question yourself or take a step back from your Blog?

A Blog is such a varied marketing tool. Many use Blogs in different ways, do you take ideas from others or are you consumed by your own Blogging journey? Here at UKBA HQ, we like to think that each week #BlogHour not only connects you and your Blog with your industry and other Bloggers, but offers reflection.

We hope you are able to participate this evening and enjoy the questions at 9pm from the  Twitter handle. We love sharing your Blogging and Social Media questions, therefore, do get in touch if you have any burning questions.

Q1. How can Bloggers get more involved with affiliate programmes? via #BlogHour

Q2. What constitutes a perfect Blog post? #BlogHour

Q3. How do you feel about 'Follow Backs'? Do you review each social media handle before you follow? #BlogHour

Q4. What has been your most challenging Blogging moment to date and why? #BlogHour

Q5. What are some tips for people interested in making money from blogging? #BlogHour

Q6. Have you ever read a private Blog? Do you believe in privacy when it comes to Social Media? #BlogHour

If you have not joined us before, you can view our . Enjoy!