#BlogHour: Is Your Blog On Trend? | Tuesday 16th June 2015


Last week, the UK experienced an amazing heatwave across our normally soggy isle. As we heat up, we wanted to touch on this subject and discuss some Blogging hot trends for this week’s #BlogHour.

It is a difficult task to keep Blog’s ‘hot’ and ‘on trend’, how do you cope? Thinking about the bigger picture is always important and to look at your work from the outside-in, is a skill in itself. Blog’s consume us; they are a part of people’s personalities. But self-reflection is key.

We hope you enjoy the topic again this week. #BlogHour is about making new and lasting connections, as well as developing your online knowledge through sharing good digital practice.

Q1. Do Bloggers ever meet up and network with Bloggers abroad? Via #BlogHour

Q2. What Blogging trends have you experienced and implemented so far this year? Which are fads and which are here to stay? #BlogHour

Q3. Are you a vlogger? If so, have you monetised any of your video content? #BlogHour

Q4. Within the #UKBA16 judging criteria we judge, Blog layout. Do you think about your Blog’s user journey? #BlogHour

Q5. Which companies have you worked with that value you your Blog PR? How can companies improve on brand personalisation? #BlogHour

Q6. Is the Blogging marketing over subscribed or will it continue to grow as a strong digital medium that it is today? #BlogHour

If you have not joined us before, you can view our . Enjoy!