#BlogHour: Motivation and Influence | Tuesday 23rd June 2015


Each week we see hashtags such as, trending to get everyone's spirits lifted for the working week and #FridayFeeling to excite us for the weekend. With Monday and Friday being a primal and psychological focus to keep us motivated, we question, how do you maintain your motivation for Blogging for the remainder?

Another 'hot on trend' this week is the power of  (via BBC News). Taylor has changed the minds and policy of , which, some would agree to be the largest and influential brand in the world. Taylor managed to take her beliefs to the core by writing directly to Apple relating to artist royalties being paid within the first three months of customer sign up and she won hands down! This led us to think about who is influential within your industry? Who do you look up to?

This weeks topic is therefore around motivation and inspiration. We hope you are able to join #BlogHour this evening and enjoy the questions at 9pm from the  Twitter handle.

Please see the question below:

Q1. What three keep you motivated to continue Blogging and do you have any motivation tips? #BlgoHour

Q2. Within your Blogging industry which famous figure or Blogger motivates you and why? #BlogHour

Q3. Which brands have influenced you the most and did you realise at the time? What did learn from this? #BlogHour

Q4. Are you experiential with your Blog? What different Blogging methods have you tried and tested? #BlogHour

Q5. If you were to begin your Blogging journey again, would you do anything differently? #BlogHour

Q6. Apart from your own content, whose content has inspired you the most and why? #BlogHour

We hope you can join the conversation tonight at 9pm to be inspired and inspire others! Don't forget to use the hashtag.