#BlogHour: Psychology behind the Content | Tuesday 7th July 2015


Every week during #BlogHour it is very important to us to make the hour fun and personal. This week, we have a strong input from our Blogging audience with some great questions.

Each week when we read new and current Blogs, the psychological perception behind the content, fonts and brands interests us hugely! We wondered, do you think about your Blog psychology? How will your Blog impact others and what draws your readers in? Do certain things change your mood for writing or are you focused whatever the weather.

To enable you to gain the best out of #BlogHour each week, we post the questions beforehand to allow you think up your answers and ponder your Blog strategy.

Join us tonight at 9pm for #BlogHour via the Twitter handle. We hope you enjoy tonight's questions and we look forward to hearing what you are drinking!

Q1. Every week we discuss what we are drinking. What are you drinking this week and does your drink reflect your writing mood? #BlogHour #DrinkPsychology 

Q2. Do you have any aspirations for yourself as a blogger, where would you like your blog to take you? via @  #BlogHour

Q3. Do you write an e-newsletter? If so, how often and what top tips can you provide to keep your readers engaged? #BlogHour

Q4. What has been the most challenging moment since you started blogging and why? via @#BlogHour

Q5. How much do you pay attention to your Blog statistics and do you use these to make improvements? via @#BlogHour

Q6. I'd love to know how other bloggers tread the line of sharing their life experiences without oversharing personal info? via @ #BlogHour

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