#BlogHour: The Future of Social | Tuesday 28th July 2015


Last week during #BlogHour, we discussed the popular topic of Video Marketing and we noticed something very interesting, some bloggers know A LOT about video and others don't. Or is it that bloggers are aware of this emerging and fast growing trend but are afraid to embrace this? This week we posted an insightful guest post from Wil Morris, The Torch Entertainment Blogger who has provided some top tips around live streaming from your mobile and PC. You can read the full post .

This week, we have seen the beginning of the end for Google+, with Google announcing that you will no longer need Google+ to upload, comment or create a channel on YouTube. have posted a great overview of this story, which you can read .

In preparation for this week's #BlogHour, we have included some questions from you, our Bloggers, as well as questions about current trends in the digital and bloggersphere. We hope you can join #BlogHour from the UK Blog Awards Twitter handle  from 9-10pm, please see the questions below:

Q1. What do you or your company aim to achieve with your blog and from your Social Media? via   

Q2. Have you ever created a Blog Media Kit? What are your top tips? #BlogHour
! provides a great example on her Blog: 

Q3. How do bloggers gain followers and get people to view their blogs without constantly posting on social media all the time? via  #BlogHour

Q4. Have you used the Facebook video tool for marketing and is this a better 'outreach' tool than YouTube? #BlogHour

Q5. Google+ seems to be dying rapidly now, did you ever see any benefits from this platform? #BlogHour

Q6. Do you research up and coming trends for Blogging and Social Media? What has wow'ed you? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm!