Effective Blog Marketing | #BlogHour | Tuesday 4th August 2015


Do you ever think about if you are targeting your Blog audience effectively or is your Blog blending into the Bloggersphere background? This week, you our Bloggers have provided some great questions and developed today's theme, Effective Blog Marketing. We hope the questions provide some reflective guidance for you and your Blog.

Join us tonight from 9-10pm  via our  Twitter platform for #BlogHour. You can view the questions below in preparation:

Q1. What is the best piece of technology that has made your life easier Blogging and using Social Media? #BlogHour

Q2. How can you turn Facebook into an effective marketing tool for your Blog? Any tips? via  #BlogHour

Q3. What have you done to boost your Blog ranking and what SEO tips would help? via  #BlogHour

Q4. I would like to take my Blog to next level and monetise my Blog, what is the best approach to get started? via  #BlogHour

Q5. Some may argue that the Blogging industry is saturated. How do you make your Blog stand out from the crowd? #BlogHour

Q6. To engage your audience, do you write about on trend topics or what you feel passionate about? Which do you think would create a stronger following? #BlogHour

We look forward to debating with you at 9pm tonight. Don't forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour in your tweets.