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Those first steps in to something new can be very daunting, slowly testing the blogging waters and seeing what the bloggersphere is all about, but as with anything that is new, blogging can be daunting at first and although it may seem you are out of your depth, never fear it's a whole new world.

Seven years ago I first got in to blogging, mainly to see what all the fuss was about and to see why so many of my internet friends were spending hours a day typing away on a keyboard to give their newly found readers something interesting to read.

You may be doing the same, testing it out for the first time, not sure what it is all about or you may have been told that by blogging you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams, that's something that doesn't happen over night and in many cases doesn't happen at all, so if that's your only reason to start then you may need to think again.

If you are just starting out you may have got yourself a or blog, which are great when you are first starting out and not sure which direction you will be taking, but if you are serious about blogging, get yourself a domain name and a self-hosted website, you will have so much more control over what you can do.

OK, you've got your blog set up, a nice looking theme and you are ready to go..then it happens, “bloggers block”, what can you do, you were all ready to go and nothing, simple, think about what you may have done the day before, somewhere you had been, write a review about the place, it's certainly a start.

That's how I started and built up my blog and over the years, it has allowed me to go some amazing places and work with some wonderful people, it's also opened up so many doors to things that I would never have thought I would do or places I would go and people I would meet.

So don't panic in the early days, you can build a reputation from your writing and bring people to your website, write in your own style, don't worry what people say, those that come to enjoy your work with come to love your style, no matter if you make the odd error here or there, no one's perfect.

The Hardest Part of Blogging

Probably one of the hardest things with blogging is the first 12 months, there are many that get to a year and fall to the wayside, it happens, people get fed up, run out of ideas or just give up because they feel that nothings working for them, DON'T GIVE UP!

Once you break that 12 month barrier, things don't get easier but you will suddenly develop ways of bringing in more to your blog, remember all the other blogging friends you've made along the way, most of them will be there to help. The blogging community is a powerful and wonderful place.

There is a code among established bloggers and that code is to help others, many of the top bloggers in the world will help if you ask advice. A good blogger will not see another blogger as a challenge to their site, but as someone to share work and knowledge with.

I've met so many bloggers over the years and we all still get in touch with one another when we have the question about something that we need help with.

Yes, there are those that will see you as a threat, but to be honest they only see you as a threat because they may not have the experience of working with great like-minded bloggers and know no different, ignore them.

Keep blogging, keep sharing, read other blogs, learn from them, communicate with them, take part in Twitter Chats, such as , with fellow authors.

Taking Your Blog To Social Media

As I have mentioned Twitter, that brings me to Social Media and Social Networking, both busy highways of information and ones which any good blogger will use to their full advantage.

It may sound daunting at first, but get yourself on the top Social Networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn, if you can get the same name for the accounts as your website name, this will establish your website more on the internet.

Use the site to post your blog posts to, Wordpress has the option to auto post new article to the networks via the , if you're not using Wordpress then try a site like which pulls in your blogs feed and posts it out to the Social Networks, get your post out there!

Don't just auto post, get involved with your followers, answer their questions, share other bloggers posts and build up a reputation and friendship with many other, this will all add to the potential that you blog has of being seen by many more possible readers.

Never SPAM, don't post you same blog post on social media over and over again, time it to go out later to keep it alive.

EXAMPLE: Post to Twitter again after an hour, then 3 hours, then the next day, next week and next month.

But remember to change the text of the tweet, take some text from the article and tweet it in quotes, but keep it fresh, so it always looks new to those on Twitter.

Remember Blogging is fun, it's also always a learning process, after seven years of banging away on a keyboard I'm still learning tricks to put in to my blog, don't give up, keep going and enjoy the blogging family that you have become part of.

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