You, Your Blog and the World! | #BlogHour | Tuesday 15th September 2015


It is extremely easy to sit behind your screen, whatever size or type of device it may be and be consumed by your Blog and your Blogging niche. But do you come away from your comfort and explore the different realms of the Bloggersphere? Tonight, during #BlogHour we will be discussing questions that are related to YOU, your Blog and the world!

We hope you enjoy tonight's questions from us and your online community:

Q1. How do you post consistently and how do you record good ideas? via  #BlogHour

Q2. Do you network with international Bloggers, if so, what have you learnt from them? #BlogHour

Q3. Which country do you feel is most influential for their Blogging success and innovation? Why are they successful? #BlogHour

Q4.  Since you begun managing your Blog, how has it impacted your life? #BlogHour

Q5. Do you think Social Media and Blogging is a good tool for self expression and are there any negatives?  #BlogHour

Q6. Do you use any data tools to measure the success of social media outreach? #BlogHour

We hope you can join the #BlogHour discussion from 9pm tonight, see you there!