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Many people have blogs that are niches such as beauty, fashion and sport. My own personal blog is classed as a lifestyle blog however I do occasionally write about social media. The reasons why I haven’t gone down one particular niche is that I feel at this time I want to write on topics I feel like writing. More than once I have been asked 'What do you want to become the go to blog for…’, however I don’t feel ready to drill down yet.

New bloggers get so much information on how they should find and develop their niche quickly to get as many views as possible, I think this kills what starts for most as an enjoyable hobby and can curtail creativity. The pros and cons of having a niche are highlighted below:


1. Having a niche means you can focus on your chosen topic. Therefore people on your chosen site know exactly what they are seeing.

2. It is a lot easier to target your audience with a niche blog.

3. You stand a better chance of being higher up the search engine rankings of you have focus on one particular topic.

4. Stand a higher chance of a proportion of your visitors returning to the site as a source of information.

5. You learn more about your ‘niche’ with your niche blog.


1. There are so many established websites that are dedicated to your niche that can do so much more than you. So your blog may only go so far.

2. Limiting yourself to writing about one topic can be a disadvantage too if you think you have more to say about other topics.

3. Blogs evolve as bloggers lives and interests change so it is easier to move away from one topic to another if the blog doesn’t have a niche.

4. People may not get to know the real you (that is if you want them to get to know you!) if you limit yourself to a niche.

Yes, there are more pros and cons of having a niche. However, I do think it is beneficial (and it should be encouraged) for bloggers if they are not sure what to write about to write about whatever they want and let the niche develop later. There will always be sites and blogs that will be established in every niche and new bloggers should be encouraged to focus on developing their writing and web development skills.

What are your opinions on blogging niches?

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