Blogger Pressure | #BlogHour | Tuesday 29th September 2015


Last week, it was all about advertising, at least that is what caught our attention. celebrated 60 years of advertising and it made our team sit back and discuss, how far has advertising come along in the past 60 years? The first advert to air on ITV 60 years ago was, Gibbs SR toothpaste which was viewed by an audience of 100,000.

Fast forward to the digital age and adverts are not only broadcast on our TV's albeit Smart, 3D or Apple TV's for many, but also online with a huge reliance across the Bloggersphere. Blogging as a platform has become a creative and clever marketing tool for brands and businesses. However, as Blogs are relatively simple to set up with the likes of Blogger and Wordpress offering easy set up platforms, many individual Bloggers have become a great form of advocacy for brands. And this is where the pressure can begin to unfold.

An important news story was brought to our attention last week when Heather Armstong, US Queen Mummy Blogger (Blog ) decided to hang up her typing hat, as she felt that all she was doing was 'writing copy for brands' - you can read the full story on website. It is an interesting take on Bloggers relationships with brands and  leads us nicely onto this week's #BlogHour topic, Blogger Pressure. Blogger can experience pressure for various reasons and we hope tonight's topic will help discuss these issues and deliver some very important messages - your Blog should be your voice.

Please see the questions below for discussion:

Q1. Have you ever guest posted for a brand? What were the requirements? #BlogHour

Q2. How do you think advertising has been ignited Blogging and has this been a good thing? #BlogHour

Q3. Do you ever feel that you are 'living online', how do you manage your time? #BlogHour

Q4. Bloggers can be a great engagement tool for brands, how can both help each other? #BlogHour

Q5. What sort of writing tone do you think a brand is looking for when asking bloggers to post on their behalf? #BlogHour

Q6. Advertising is powerful and can be super positive. What is your favourite Ad of all time? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy discussing tonight's #BlogHour questions with us at 9pm - don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag!