Are you all Blogged up?


Ok so it is questionable whether Teachers and folks of the Education professional actually have time to eat, never mind Blog and add new Social Media strings to their bow!

Over the years there have been so many on-going changes to education system and be rest assured it is not going to stop now. being the most recent figure to add change asking for longer school days and short holidays (We are sure our Educators loved to hear that!). It is questionable if figures like Mr Gove think performances are slipping in the Education sector, adding further demands to the UKs EduProfs may result in standards slipping further!? Not rocket science, but hey!

Nowadays in the classroom it is now extremely student led instead of the traditional teacher led approach. Innovative and proactive Teaching methods are expected from all and rightly so, these two keys words (innovative and proactive) are now highly expected from all professions across the UK. But everyone only has only so many ideas as to what to teach their 'class of 28' therefore, Social Media has what some may agree been a saviour in the realms of Teaching, with Blogging and other popular Social Media platforms continuing to play a vital support to 21st century Teaching.

Universities have also jumped on the Blogging band wagon in recent years, to engage and interact with their fellow undergrads and postgrads. Some Lecturers and Universities are using their Blogs to interact and creatively test their student following. Where other students are drafting their own Blogging diaries to post about their own passions, degree subject and life's opinions. However, it should be noted that some students and young professionals forget that there can be consequences that come with their opinions and as a result,  fingers being well and truly burnt! But hey, the positive do most certainly outweigh the negative in Educators virtual interactions.

Social Media channels are used to share knowledge through slide sharing, look out for inspiring Tweets and using the same as a micro-site to advertise their Blog posts and to connect with their peers through Facebook. More recently, the US Educators are now adding Pinterest to their creative subject research portfolio and incorporating the clever photograph Pinning programme as part of a research or group task for example. The saying runs true, Picture do paint a thousand words! The sector continue to be inspired by new technologies that will inspire and help their students their students grow > UK are you keeping up?

Social Media is moving at rapid pace across all industries, opinions are live and current - something that cannot be ignored, but only embraced. During this Blog post we have only touch on a few of the Blogging innovators that cover the Education industry. If you are a recognised Blogger in the Education industry (company or individual) your hard work should be recognised and rewarded - don't be shy you modest lot!

Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To receive an email reminder please email and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.