Driving Recognition Forward


A picture paints a thousand words they say and yes you guessed it, the second category to be included as part of the National UK Blog Award© category is the Automotive Industry.

The fast paced industry has come a long way over the years, not just through technological advances but by ways of engagement. The UK has a lot to be proud in terms of automotive influence and development from Mr Hamilton waving the national flag for Formula1 to the UK's longest serving car manufacturer, Mr Henry .

2013 in terms of Car manufacturing is hoping for a good year. recently released promising growth figures with the 'UK car manufacturing rises 17% in April as domestic demand grows.'

In terms of marketing, the Automotive industry has always relied on reviews from magazine such as,  to the TV programme, .  However, TV programmes, e-magazines and online individuals have moved up a gear and into the 21st century to provide a virtual presence. Blogging has now become a key focus to satisfy all automotive culinary tastes and experiences to review tried and tested experiences, reach out to large markets and provide innovative opinions: realtime.

Large and small organisations rely on certain specialised Bloggers to help boost their brand and ROI such as  and . Whereas (N.B. Blog provider picked at random!) have their own Magazine Blog to cater for their enthusiastic readers. Friendly marketing and company interaction previously would have been a taboo area, but in the realms of social media platforms such as ,  ( has become increasingly popular), Blogging and , interaction is key when developing awareness of products, identifying oneself as a true knowledge provider and field expert.

Individuals and Organisations spend a huge amount of time and effort developing and implementing blog strategies to inspire and engage potential customers and fans, but also competitors and collaborative organisations. Covering innovative topics such as eco, electronics and worldwide design influences to name a few is important to achieve recognition and status. Here at Team Blog Awards, it is clearly apparent why we have chosen the Automotive Industry to be apart of our Blog Award Categories.

Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To receive an email reminder please email and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.

Good Luck!