The Perfect Post | #BlogHour | Tuesday 13th October 2015


Hello Bloggers!

This week, during #BlogHour tonight at 9pm, we are looking to discuss the perfect post. To achieve the perfect post, do we need to have the perfect Blog and perfect marketing skills? More so, is perfect necessary or do you love your amateur flaws, warts and al.

Join us tonight at 9pm via the Twitter handle to discuss the topical questions below:

Q1. When reading other Blogs, what top 3 things keep you engaged? #BlogHour

Q2. What are the best times and days of the week to post Blog content? via #BlogHour

Q3. Do you ever feel that you have rushed a post to get it out on time for your readers? Do you believe in quality over quantity? #BlogHour

Q4. Is your Blog a responsive site? How would you define responsive in terms of Google's advice? #BlogHour

Q5. What key skills do you feel are required for 'writing well'? #BlogHour

Q6. If you could self-reflect,. where would you like to improve on your content writing skills? #BlogHour

See you there at 9pm. #BlogHour