Guest Post: Steph Saville, FOXY Lady Driver | HOW BLOGGING CAN SAVE LIVES

Blogs can be informative, entertaining, inspiring and occasionally life-saving like this one.

Did you know, for example, that you can dial 112 in any serious or life-threatening emergency situation across the UK as well as in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, India and Pakistan? That's a grand total of 70+ countries worldwide.

In the UK any emergency contact involving the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard defaults to our trusted 999 service. Where network coverage is weak, your mobile phone is set up to keep hunting for a stronger one, to get all genuine emergency calls actioned as quickly as possible.

Just imagine you were the first to an accident scene but perhaps you didn't have a mobile phone with you or to hand? What would you do then? Maybe the injured person had a phone instead? You can use that to dial 999 or 112 (as appropriate) because no security permissions apply here and there aren't any 'pay as you go' minimum credit requirements either. That's reassuring.

What if the emergency is in a remote, hilly or mountainous area of the UK with limited mobile phone masts? This might apply in parts of North Wales, the Yorkshire Moors, the Lake District or Scotland. Stay calm for starters as calls might take a while to connect but if nothing happens after c3 minutes, try calling again using the other ear or turning around 180 degrees - you might be standing between ie obscuring the only local phone mast from your phone.

Finally, for hard of hearing or speech impaired individuals, it will probably be more efficient to sent a text to 999/112 (texts often get through when voice messages don't). To do this, you must be registered with 999/112 in advance. I recommend everyone does this in case of any life-threatening emergency or voice mail problems – if you use 112 rather than 999 this will cover your phone within and without the UK as specified above.

This is how you do this...

  • Text 112 with a message stating REGISTER
  • Read their reply in full then reply YES

You will then be registered to use this service in the event of a serious and/or life-threatening emergency thereafter. Heaven forbid but you would at least be able to text details of any emergency, precise location and so on.

Needless to say, hoax calls/texts have been made and offenders can face prosecution charges for wasting emergency services' valuable time.

But knowledge of the 112 service COULD save lives if used wisely, efficiently and appropriately across the EU. And the life could be yours of course so please help me spread the word to more motorists than before, as we bloggers know how to do so well.

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