Life as a UK Blog Awards Winner: Karen Woodham

This week, we met with Karen Woodham from . Karen won best . Read Karen's insightful journey:

It doesn't seem that long since I first stepped foot in to the world of blogging, something that everyone was starting to do, so I took the plunge in 2008 and didn't realise that years later I would still be banging away on a keyboard.

Blogging isn't easy, it is something that have to work on to get seen, forget the “If you blog they will come” attitude, you have to get yourself heard and seen, scream about your articles on social media, comment on other blogs and make sure you are showing people what you can do.

Yes, there were times that I was going to give up, but one day things started to change, one film review kicked it all off for me, with the local cinema seeing the review and asking me to work with them.

Sometime later in 2014 came the amazing news of a nomination in the UK Blog Awards for 2015, wow! Then more news of being shortlisted and then the totally shocking news that I had won, this was a key moment in my blogging as things really changed.

After winning the UKBA15 award in Individual Events, things start moving pretty fast, more companies started emailing me to work alongside them for entertainment news, local newspapers got in touch for interviews and much more.

With more working coming in, all thanks to the UK Blog Awards win, more people were picking up on the work and so more came along from other places and PR companies to work alongside them from Gigs with backstage passes and .

And the VIP invites, PR work and so much more is still coming in to the site, I have to say that the UK Blog Awards have made such a massive difference to my time spent blogging and time spent at venues and the chance to work with so many amazing people.

It's been an amazing ride since the announcement in April this year, there has been so much positivity towards the site which has helped build its reputation.

Thank you UK Blog Awards and good luck to everyone that has been nominated in the UKBA16's, just prepare yourself if you win, you'll have the time of your life.

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