The Missing Piece? #BlogHour

missing -piece-blog-hour

Each week you may question, how do I gain more comments and interaction on my Blog. How do I gain people to subscribe to my channel. And, how do I increase my social media following on new channels. 

The answer? Its complicated. There are key elements that develop the above interests and we identify these as:
- Personalisation
- Engagement
- Integrity and Direction

It can be very daunting being that 'new' blog or vlog coming into the blogosphere and the easiest thing is to get comfortable in a community and social media platform that you confident with. However, stepping outside of the box, taking risks and not being afraid of the unknown is also key to grow your community following.

During #BlogHour at 9pm via the Twitter account, we discuss the topic of 'the missing piece'.  Take a look at tonight's questions and we hope you can join the debate:

Q1. Have you got a Blog mentor? If not, do you feel this would be of valuable to discuss where your Blog is going? #BlogHour

Q2. What are your tips for growing a following on Instagram? via #BlogHour

Q3. How do people use Pinterest to promote their blog have they found it has increased their views? via #BlogHour

Q4. Lets talk vlogging. What do you think it takes for a Vlog to have the potential to trend? #BlogHour

Q5. You may be comfortable with the social platforms you are using, but by not expanding are you missing out? #BlogHour

Q6. To recap, what is the missing piece and what challenge will you set yourself in August? #BlogHour #BeBold

See you at 9pm!