Managing Your Influence | #BlogHour


We spoke about Influence at the UK Blog Awards this April and in light of a recent post shared this week, as well as the imminent launch of the UK Blog Relations platform, we thought it would be great to discuss Influence and Engagement once again with

The messaging that we are trying to deliver between influencers and brands is that following should no longer be the main focus in working together. Building a lasting relationship and concentrating how both can gain out of the working collaboration should be the priority. 

Of course, brands do require data. Data measurement will never be replaced. However, data is different to following. Influence is also different to Engagement. Have you ever thought of the difference? Tonight during #BlogHour, we hope you will.

Influence, in the social term is historically brand messaging, celebrity endorsements and advertising campaigns. Fast forward to todays date and Influence is YOU. Influence is the consumer. Influencer’s are Bloggers and Vloggers, which are very quickly being used instead of celebrity endorsement as you guys provide not only the truthful opinions, but bags of empathy and passion. 

Engagement is how you use your influence and how it is perceived. The clicks, the views, the likes, the loves, the RTs and the shares all do matter. But lets not get hooked on this either. 

To develop the right Blog Relations between you and a brand is not a one way street. As an influencer, you need the right form of direction but you also need to deliver on the brief provided. Tailoring choices for your content and working with the right brand is key to any successful content partnership. 

We hope the above has spurred some further thoughts around the topic of Influencer Marketing and how you play an integral part. Check out tonight’s questions below and join us . We hope you enjoy:

Q1. As a Blogger how much of an incentive do you need to collaborate with a company? Via #BlogHour

Q2. As a Influencer, do you track your own data and if you don’t where would you start? Via #BlogHour

Q3. How do you feel that you Influence and Engage with your own content? Via #BlogHour

Q4. To Influence, Engagement is essential. What do you think the social trend will be for 2017? Via #BlogHour

Q5. How do you think perceptions will be managed to showcase that your influence is more impactful than your following to a brand? Via #BlogHour

Q6. Lets Engage! Share one of your most popular engagement post stats to date (i.e. tweet, blog post or Instagram)? Via #BlogHour